Effects of World Youth Days


Effects of World Youth Days: Click Image to download PDF.

Since around 2000 and especially since the World Youth Day (WYD) in Sydney in 2008, the Church in Australia has put a lot of energy into promoting the attendance of young people at the WYDs held internationally every three years. Australia has also now begun its own cycle of national events (the Australian Catholic Youth Festivals or ACYFs), also slated to occur every three years and modelled substantially on WYD. A question that is commonly raised by priests, educators, youth ministers and people is: is it all worth it – and what is the evidence? I encourage you to download and read my new paper here.

One thought on “Effects of World Youth Days

  1. Junette Burke

    WYD made an indelible impression on OLSS Miranda Parish . The faith and dedication of the young pilgrims we hosted through our Parish shone and we were compelled to respond. The youth of our Parish continue in this spirit. We need to celebrate as Catholics – who we are and what we share. Through shared community experiences the Holy Spirit spreads like fire.


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