Orvieto Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral

Orvieto Cathedral

Yesterday I visited Orvieto Cathedral where they are celebrating 750 years since the famous Eucharistic miracle of Bolsena. It is described as one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Italy.
The Catholic Encyclopedia describes the miracle of Bolsena as:

“The Corporal of Bolsena dates from a Eucharistic miracle in Bolsena, Italy, in 1263 when a consecrated host began to bleed onto a corporal, the small cloth upon which the host and chalice rest during the Canon of the Mass… Today the Corporal of Bolsena is preserved in a rich reliquary in the cathedral… The reddish spots on the cloth, upon close observation, show the profile of a face similar to those that traditionally represent Jesus Christ. It is said that the miraculous bleeding of the host occurred in the hands of an officiating priest who had doubts about transubstantiation.”

The Cathedral is also filled with beautiful art work like this:

Mary & Child Orvieto Cathedral

Mary & Child Orvieto Cathedral

An article about Orvieto Cathedral with some more photos can be found here».

2 thoughts on “Orvieto Cathedral

  1. Raylee Grima

    Thank you Bishop Anthony for sharing all these wonderful sites of Italy I pray I get to see them one day for myself. But loving at present all you are sending. All the best for Sunday praying for you and Papa Francis and all in Rome at this time.


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